QuikBlog - Importance of Social Media

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe Importance of having a Social Media Presence More and more people are engaging in social media by the minute. It’s to no surprise why social media has become a multi-million-dollar industry. Social media has become an important communication medium and whether we like it or not, it’s definitely hereRead More →

Voie Optimizing their Websites

Reading Time: 4 minutesVoice Optimizing their Websites! Before you bombard this article with questions like “What do you mean by voice optimizing their websites?”, “Why is that even important?” and “How can I benefit from voice optimization?” Let me ask you this! Did you know that one in five searches on mobile devicesRead More →

QuikBlog - QuikStor's Manager App

Reading Time: 3 minutesManager Your Storage Facility with our QuikStor Manager Application You may be wondering what this manager app is and how it works? Well, for starters this phone application is only available for storage facilities who signed up for the QuikStor Platinum Package. The manager phone app has the ability to giveRead More →

QuikStor Responsive Website Design

Reading Time: 2 minutesImportance of a Responsive Website Design Ever notice how some websites change sizes or orientations based on whether you’re viewing from a desktop computer or a smartphone? This functionality has a name – it’s called Responsive Website Design. It’ll ensure that the website’s screen-layouts, images, and other elements re-adjust themselves onRead More →

Self Storage Management Software - Latest Technology

Reading Time: 1 minutePlatinum by Quikstor Operating a self-storage has never been easier! With QuikStor’s Platinum self storage management software you can do everything from anywhere, whether you have one site or hundreds. All of QuikStor’s exceptional management tools are combined into one single product: Platinum. Platinum gives you the speed and reliability of local data,Read More →